Tips: The buyer’s guide to coffee capsule

What is a coffee capsule? Where can you use it? A coffee capsule is used in single-serve coffee makers to brew a fresh cup of coffee in just 3-4 minutes. Many single-serve coffee makers, especially Keurig coffee makers, utilize the coffee capsule instead of using ground coffee directly to make a cup of coffee.

A coffee capsule can brew exactly one cup of coffee which is perfect for one person. So, which coffee capsule is good? What all factors to you consider before buying a coffee capsule?

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of factors which you should consider when planning to buy a coffee capsule for your coffee maker.

  1. What size should you choose?

The first thing to consider when buying a coffee capsule is how the size of the coffee filter basket or coffee capsule holder in the coffee maker. Once you have determined the size of the holder, then you can decide on a coffee capsule which matches that size.

If you have a big holder, you would be able to brew a large quantity of coffee and would require a larger coffee capsule for it. If your coffee maker has a small coffee filter basket, then you would need to choose a coffee capsule which is appropriately sized for that.

  1. Which flavor to consider?

The next thing to consider would be the flavor of your coffee. There are several flavored coffee capsules available and you can choose the one which you like the most. You could find a strong flavor or a sweet flavor. So, make sure you choose a coffee flavor which you like and then get that coffee capsule.

  1. Reusable capsule or one-time use capsule?

The major drawback of using a coffee capsule is that you can only use it once. So most coffee capsules are used & throw and tend to harm the environment by a great deal due to the non-biodegradable covering.

There many coffee capsules which are reusable though and are a good choice instead of the use and throw capsules. In a reusable capsule, you can fill the ground coffee of your choice and then use it to brew coffee. They tend to be cheaper than the one-time use capsules too.

  1. Which brand to consider?

Although there aren’t many brands for buying a coffee capsule and K-cups are the most popular coffee capsules but these work only on Keurig coffee makers. There are a few brands which you can consider for buying your coffee capsules.

K-cups are expensive and most often non-biodegradable and one-time use, so opt for a brand which provides you with a reusable and cheaper alternative.

  1. How much will it cost?

One of the most important things to consider while buying coffee capsule is the price o. K-cups tend to be mostly non-reusable.

So, choose a coffee capsule which is reusable as it would greatly reduce the cost for you since you won’t have to buy it again and you will be able to use your own ground coffee as you please.

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