Best Digital Bathroom Scales

If you are looking for a way to lose or gain a few pounds and keep a track of it, then a digital bathroom scale is the best way to track your progress.

A digital bathroom scale allows you to easily read the measurements and offer you many features to make the whole tracking process easier and simpler.

Here are a few of the best Digital Bathroom scales of 2017:

1. Hippih Electronic Bathroom Scale

Price: $10

Hippih Electronic Bathroom Scale

One of the cheapest Digital Bathroom Scales, Hippih Electronic Bathroom Scale is a great deal for anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly scale and wants a decent, basic scale for measuring weights. It has a cute decorative body which makes it visually appealing and it comes with an automatic switch-off feature which helps you in saving a lot of batteries. Overall, at such a low price, this is a perfect deal and has got some really great reviews from its users.

2. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale

Price: $20

A great bathroom scale which is simple and sleek and comes in black color which makes it easy to store and not bother about. It gives you an accurate reading and its blue display backlights make it easy to note down the weight measurements. Since it is so thin, you can store it in some corner and don’t have to worry about it taking a lot of space. It is also quite cheap which makes it popular among most users.

3. Crate and Barrel Digital/Analog Bathroom Scale

Price: $70

Another great bathroom scale which gives you the best of both the worlds by displaying the reading in an analog and a digital format. This allows it to be more visually appealing and makes it for users to make a note of their weight with greater ease.

4. EatSmart ESBS 07

Price: $38

One of the best digital scales to keep a track of your weight measurements. This bathroom scale not only displays your current weight but also displays your starting weight and the difference from the last time you weighed. It can store around 8 user’s information and is one of the best bathroom scales to track your progress.

5. Escali XL200 Display Scale

Price: $40

Another amazing bathroom scale which can be turned on with a single touch and allows you to record your weight once you step down from the scale. It has a huge display which makes it easy to make out the measurement and note it down. It is cheap and one of the best digital bathroom scales in today’s market.

6. Fitbit Aria Scale

Price: $130

Fitbit Aria Scale

One of the most expensive and hi-tech digital scale which can not only show your body weight but your BMI and body-fat percentage too. You can also connect this scale to your Fitbit tracker and app and set for yourself a weight and calorie goal. This bathroom scale also displays the weight stats in different graphs and charts which can help one to visualize their progress.



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