Convection Oven v/s Microwave Oven : 5 Tips on how to make the right pick?

Even though convection ovens and microwave ovens have some similarities but both the appliances work and cook in a very different way. Let us make it more clear with an example, where a convection microwave vent microwaves that are efficient of passing through glass and plastic containers to cook food. While on the other hand, a convection oven cooks at a lower temperature that uses a heated air system and is used for browning, roasting and grilling foods in a short amount of time, and you won’t get this feature in a microwave.

To know what makes a convection oven different from a microwave oven or vice-versa, have a look at these differences.


Generally, there are five basic types of microwave ovens: over the range, convection, built in, commercial and countertop microwaves. The type of microwave you want to have in your kitchen depends on your cooking space and needs. Since convection microwaves are a combination of a standard microwave and a convection oven, so they are somewhat different from the regular microwave.

There are two basic types of convection ovens available i.e. third element convection ovens and European convection ovens. Both the appliances use convection fan so that hot air moves around the food, but the third element convection oven comes with an extra feature of the heating element near the fan so that it can blow preheated air.

convection oven


Convection ovens are nothing more than a traditional oven in which the heated air just move around with the help of a fan. Convection oven warms the food faster than a traditional one as it features moving air, and reduces the flow of cold air that would otherwise insulate the food. The convection oven quickly moves hot air around the food and also cook food quickly to that at a lower temperature.

You actually cannot consider microwave as “oven” in a traditional sense, they are more like kitchen appliances to heat the food. When you keep the food inside the appliance, a microwave’s radiation heats water and other polarized molecules present in the food. Microwaves tend to heat the food and ensure not to cook it again, which other appliances cannot do.


It is true that a microwave cannot brown or cook the food like a convection oven can do but considering microwave as an oven replacement is not a good idea as it only heats food quickly and efficiently. It also cannot reach the temperatures like an oven. If you want to have a convection oven, remember that it will have a 50-degree reduction in cooking temperature juxtaposed to a conventional oven.

Microwave Oven


The very first benefit of having a microwave is that you can quickly heat your leftovers or any cold food that is not really possible with a convection oven. They work in a different manner and allows the user to cook food in half the time of traditional ovens and also cooking at lower temperatures. Deciding which one is better and which one to buy whether a convection oven or microwave has no end as both of them have their own distinct benefits.

Health Effects

No matter you use a convection oven or a microwave, both will destroy many nutrients in the food being cooked. Cooking food in a microwave convert vitaminB12 from active to inactive form that means it makes around 40% of a B12 present in the food unusable.

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